Most Expensive Folding Knives

We’ve talked about budget folding knives, in this article we’ll see what’s on the other end of the spectrum.  The folding knives mentioned here will all be production knives that are geared towards users not collectors. I’ve decided to not include limited editions and custom made folders, because at the end of the day if it’s too valuable to use or it’s not functional, it isn’t worth much in my eyes.

Be warned the upcoming folding knives are very appealing both in aesthetics and functionality. will not accept responsibility for any shopping spree that might occur after you have read this article.

#5 Strider SNG


When you look at a Strider you know it was built to last and with a retail price at around 475 $ it should. The general feeling you get when you hold the SNG in your hand is that you could cut a tank in half and still have enough of an edge left to shave with.

The intended market for this knife is of course is military personal and their main selling point is the fact that is as close as one can get to a fixed blade knifes reliability in a folding knife format.


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